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Should We Buy a BT Speaker?

By Winbridgepower | 04 September 2017 | 7749 Comments
The biggest difference between a BT speaker and a traditional speaker is that you don't need a wire connection. And it is small and convenient to carry without environmental restrictions.

But do you actually use the BT speaker frequently? Or, is the BT speaker really practical for you? So today we're going to use the simplest and most straightforward way of talking about whether a BT speaker is worth buying.
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Use Wireless BT Speaker while Recharging

By Winbridgepower | 29 August 2017 | 5195 Comments
Recently, many users are asking me: wireless BT speakers can not be used while charging? Unified to everyone to answer, so that we can more clearly understand the use of BT speakers, the first can be confirmed is: wireless BT speakers can be used while charging side, but still recommend the user, try not to use when charging. There are three reasons:
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It's Time to Choose a BT Speaker for yourself

By Winbridgepower | 21 August 2017 | 0 Comments
Objectively speaking, the sound quality of small speakers by physical restrictions can not compete with the big speakers. But for the vast majority of users are not gold ear, small speakers with flat and mobile phone use enough to meet the auditory needs. In this case, how to judge the sound quality is good or bad? The most way is to listen in person.
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What is Passive BT Speaker

By Winbridgepower | 10 August 2017 | 0 Comments
What is a passive BT speaker? Passive BT speakers: no internal power amplifier circuit, an external power amplifier to work. Passive BT speaker (Passive BT speaker) also known as &quot;passive BT speakers.&quot; Passive BT speakers that we usually use the home BT speakers, ordinary home use of home theater BT speakers are basically the need for an external amplifier passive BT speaker.
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Materials of BT Speaker

By Winbridgepower | 09 August 2017 | 0 Comments
The BT speaker is usually composed of dust cap, sound basin, voice coil, vibration plate, basin frame, terminal, upper and lower pole piece, magnet and so on.
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Technology Development Direction of BT Speaker

By Winbridgepower | 09 August 2017 | 0 Comments
As the most important component of the BT speaker, the BT speaker is an electro-acoustic device that converts electrical signals into sound signals. Specifically, the work of the loudBT speaker is in fact converting an audio power signal within a range of transitions into audible sounds that are small in distortion and have sufficient sound pressure levels. Many types of BT speakers, classification is also varied, such as working principle, radiation, etc., this article describes several typical
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Ger'z Shares – WinBridge Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smart Band review by Casper

By Reprinted from Ger'z | 07 August 2017 | 0 Comments
Hi I am Casper,

Today I will be sharing a belated birthday present from my wife, the WinBridge Waterproof Fitness Tracker Smart Band review with you! This blog post is proudly sponsored by WinBridge.  

WinBridge Info: WinBridge is a U.S brand specialize in the products of consumer electronics, our aim is providing the world’s best warranty and innovations in consumer electronic products. WinBridge is the bridge connected with customer with our high quality products and services.
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Speakers common selection errors

By Winbridgepower | 04 August 2017 | 0 Comments
Sound is the soul of the BT speaker, the box inside all the circuit design and sound of the final adjustment through it to show. We usually in the purchase of BT speakers generally like to buy BT speakers large size, that the greater the size of the BT speaker the better sound, but I do not know this understanding is too one-sided. First of all, the BT speaker size will make the sound more impact (especially low frequency), watching movies and playing the game when the sound performance will be
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Purchase a BT Speaker

By Winbridgepower | 03 August 2017 | 2 Comments
BT speaker transmission distance is also more concerned about the issue. BT speaker factory analysis BT speaker transmission distance and BT version has nothing to do, mainly depends on the advanced level of technology. PowerClass2 standard transmission distance of 10 meters; and upgraded PowerClass1 will transfer distance to 100 meters, and provide Hi-Fi stereo effect. In general, the distance between mobile phones and BT speakers will not be too far, compare the transmission distance of about
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The Characteristics of BT

By Winbridgepower | 03 August 2017 | 7579 Comments
BT technology specifications such as global unity, mobile phones, PDA, wireless headset, notebook computers, cars, medical device, computer peripherals and many other device, as long as the BT adapter, you can easily connect BT devices, data transmission or voice communications, good compatibility.
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