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By Winbridgepower | 04 September 2017 | 7944 Comments

Should We Buy a BT Speaker?

The biggest difference between a BT speaker and a traditional speaker is that you don't need a wire connection. And it is small and convenient to carry without environmental restrictions.

But do you actually use the BT speaker frequently? Or, is the BT speaker really practical for you? So today we're going to use the simplest and most straightforward way of talking about whether a BT speaker is worth buying.

1. The BT speaker can improve the sound quality and endurance of the phone

The phone has a poor quality of sound and electricity, and the BT speaker solves the problem. When you're at home trying to listen to music and you don't want to wear headphones, you can choose the BT speaker because it can connect wirelessly, be free, and sound better than your phone.

In addition, the current BT speakers are usually more than 10 hours on the battery, so this is the advantage of BT speakers playing music on their phones.

2. Children's early education products

There are many BT speakers on the market for early childhood education, such as nursery rhymes, poems and fairy tales. In addition, the BT speaker is connected to the relevant mobile phone App, which is more direct and convenient for children.

For children, one feature of the BT speaker is the anti-fall, even if the child is mischievous and doesn't have to worry about being broken.

Outdoor sports device

For outdoor sports lovers, a portable outdoor speakers can make riding mountaineering camping has become more abundant, and the current outdoor BT speakers are fully sealed design is adopted, with dust/waterproof/hockey, and other functions, even in relatively harsh outdoor environment can be normal use, rest can also share music with my friends.

4. Disadvantages: limited response time

Using BT speakers can only be used in a certain scope, that is to say, if the distance between the source and speakers than the work scope of BT, the voice will disconnect, this also is the deficiency of BT speakers.

The above is a brief introduction to BT speaker, to learn more about the use of BT speaker, please pay attention to winbridgepower official.

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