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Some use of BT speakers

Usually a lot of people have come into contact with the BT speakers, the use of mobile phones or computer users are clear what is the BT speakers, through the BT speakers can freely listen to music, is indeed a kind of enjoyment, people used to listen to music, with some The traditional speaker to connect the device, with the development of science and technology BT speakers gradually become a lot of young people's favorite, then how to use BT speakers, how to connect the phone correctly? Here to give friends some of the use of methods.

1. First of all to determine whether your computer with a BT module, if not, you need to set a USB interface, BT interface.

2 computer has no built-in BT, then, after the BT module, the computer must also install a BT management software, such as IVT BlueSoleil, install IVT BlueSoleil after the external BT into the computer USB interface, open the software, open the BT speaker power , Double-click the software interface in the search device, if the computer comes with BT, then just open the computer's BT switch, direct search on the line.

3. When you find the BT speaker device, double-click the search service, you will find the BT high-quality audio service, you may want to enter the connection password, enter the password prompts the connection is successful, will automatically switch the audio device to the BT speaker, how can you use the BT speaker Play music.

4. Turn the front "Volume knob" clockwise to increase the volume and turn the counterclockwise volume down.

5. In the back of the speaker, the blue audio signal is input when the blue light, AUX audio signal input is red light, the time press the "sound source" button, you can switch BT or AUX input.

The above is a brief introduction to BT speaker, to learn more about the use of BT speaker, please pay attention to winbridgepower official.

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