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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless BT Speakers

Finished wireless BT speakers are generally posted behind a technical label: nothing more than the wireless BT speaker frequency range, sensitivity, load power and impedance, and several. Which is the sensitivity of wireless BT speakers the most important indicators, to a large extent determine the box should be what kind of amplifier, how much power to push and so on. For the same amplifier, at the same volume, the higher the sensitivity means that the greater the sound, wireless BT speakers on the power amplifier request and the request will be lower.

But you can not think that the higher the better the sensitivity, in fact, the sensitivity of more than 92dB speakers are relatively cool pots, thin metal pots, PP pots and the like, will lead to damage control, Resulting in poor sound quality, pretty, partial exaggerated, partial tough, less a lot of music details and charm.

Wireless BT speakers are mostly highly sensitive speakers, in fact, an important reason is the low sensitivity unit requires a higher power amplifier to push, in the amplifier to increase the cost of a lot.

Another of the most important indicators is the frequency range. For example, the frequency range of a bookcase box is 60Hz ~ 20KHz ± 2.5dB, 60Hz wireless BT speakers in the low-frequency direction of the extension. The lower the number, the better the low-frequency response of the wireless BT speaker: 20KHz that the wireless BT speakers can achieve high-frequency extension. The higher the number, the better the audio characteristics. And the suffix of ± 2.5dB that the frequency range of the above-mentioned distortion of the size of the smaller degree of distortion, the frequency response curve will be relatively flat.

Some wireless BT speakers marked the distortion is ± 3dB, the frequency range should become wider. Some wireless BT speakers do not indicate the indicator, the frequency extension will become very wide. For example, the above-mentioned compass number box can be marked as 40Hz ~ 23KHz if it is not indicated that the distortion control is in the range of plus or minus 2.5 dB. It should be noted that the frequency range that does not mark distortion is meaningless.

Carrying power is a wireless BT speaker a reference indicator, with the number of watts that the indicators do not explain the quality of wireless BT speakers, just for the optional power amplifier to provide a basis for reference. In general, home wireless BT speakers will never have to push the worry, only good push, push the problem of pushing, 200 watts below the carrying capacity of the use of the general family is much more than, do not deliberately pursue Too high

Wireless BT speakers there is an indicator of the impedance value, generally 8Ω for its nominal value, the vast majority of two-way bookcase box impedance values ​​are 8Ω, multi-unit multi-frequency seat wireless BT speakers also have 6Ω , 4Ω. The smaller the impedance value, the greater the current that needs to be driven, and the higher power required. Home wireless BT speaker is best to choose 8Ω impedance is better equipped with some power.

The above is a brief introduction to BT speaker, to learn more about the use of BT speaker, please pay attention to winbridgepower official.

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