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By Winbridgepower | 29 August 2017 | 5526 Comments

Use Wireless BT Speaker while Recharging

Recently, many users are asking me: wireless BT speakers can not be used while charging? Unified to everyone to answer, so that we can more clearly understand the use of BT speakers, the first can be confirmed is: wireless BT speakers can be used while charging side, but still recommend the user, try not to use when charging. There are three reasons:

1. Wireless BT speaker side of the charge side will affect the battery charging speed, charging will become very slow, the battery can not store electricity.

2. Wireless BT speaker side of the charge side will affect the battery life, likely to cause the phenomenon of battery wear and tear, battery life shorter.

3. easily lead to wireless BT speakers hot, while charging, while using, affect the BT speaker cooling function.

The above is a brief introduction to BT speaker, to learn more about the use of BT speaker, please pay attention to winbridgepower official.

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