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WinBridge make hearts resonate
WinBridge is one of the famous manufacturer of portable amplifier in China, WinBridge integrates product research,development, production and sales into one company. We have plenty of technical patents, and each product is designed, developed and produced all on our own.WinBridge insist on "Quality is the main competitiveness" as the product concept, we devote ourselves to provide the best quality product for customers. Our amplifier are more fashionable and humanized, we do our best to make the technology coexist with beauty, as we believe that promoting the development of industry technology is our fast-growing impetus.
By Danny ho | 30 September 2017 | 9840 Comments

Winbridge-P2 portable BT Speaker,so great

I know there's a lot of bluetooth speaker in the market right now. 
You can choose by variety of shapes, sizes,  prices and functionality. 
Depending on what's your interest,
 there's only one thing we never be able to compromise, the SOUND.

And that's why,  when I decided to grab the Winbridge P2 Bluetooth Speaker, 
that's the first thing I try first. You know what? It didn't disappointed me. 
It has best quality sound a bluetooth speaker to offer, no delay and clear.

What else do I find in a Bluetooth Speaker? 
Obviously the look. I am a person who love tough look,
 robust design which my main criteria to choose a gadget. 
The Winbridge P2 Bluetooth catch my eyes with its military design and tough look.

But it doesn't only on look, it is really  tough. 
You know, you can bring this bluetooth speaker everywhere you want, 
including hiking, camping and anywhere wet, 
as it is also water resistant so you only have 1 thing to think,
 what song should you play to bring excitement in your moment!

It can be use with your smartphone or by the speaker alone. 
Just use your thumb drive or micro SD in its slot, you are good to go.

Convenient enough and now, I just bring it wherever I go, 
because the best moment can always be shared with everyone 
using this bluetooth speaker.

WinBridge-P2  https://goo.gl/Dua9KQ


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