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What do you know about wireless speakers, microphone and speaker, portable speaker system?

Speakers you can play your music without wires are becoming more and more popular nowadays. It’s almost considered archaic if your audio device doesn’t have some type of wireless connectivity, and in our case, particularly speakers.

Music is synonymous with life. We are WinBridge, and we supply high quality wireless speakers, microphone and speaker, portable speaker system, etc.


1)microphone and speaker


 As technology continues to grow and our phones\other smart devices become a staple-point of our lives, you never know when you’re going to need to talk to somebody. It can happen anywhere — on the go in the train, bus, while driving, or merely leisurely listening at home. “Convenience” is a big word for our culture, especially as devices become more and more advanced.


2)portable sound system

Soundbars are becoming more popular as time goes on, and nowadays a home TV or movie setup isn't quite complete without one of these things accompanying the audio of what you're enjoying.



3)portable speaker system


    Nothing beats holding the power of a solid PA system in your hands (well, perhaps not literally). For those who like to MC, DJ, perform at church, schools or auditoriums, or merely want to play sounds to a large amount of people at a decently sized volume, you've come to the right place.


4)powered pa speakers


Powered Speakers, also known as active speakers, are loudspeakers with amplifiers built into their enclosures. This combination results in improved fidelity and versatility, making powered speakers more and more popular among musicians and sound engineers, even when considering the extra weight and additional components that could fail.


5) sound amplifier

The Soundbox Mini multipurpose amplifier by VOX is an instrument amp as well as a music speaker system for keyboards, mics and audio players. It's very small in size and light in weight.


6) speaker amplifier

Sure, we can always watch TV with some built-in stock speakers and easily enjoy what show or movie we're watching. However, if you really want to magnify the quality of what's in front of you for a relatively affordable price, installing a home theater system will do wonders for your experience.


7) voice amplifier 20 watts

The best car stereo with Bluetooth connection will really elevate not only the quality of your sound system, but make your life that much easier. If you’re like us being constantly in and out of the car, you don’t realize how amazing wireless connectivity to your stereo can be until you really try it.


8) microphone amplifier

Microphones are incredibly important when it comes to building a studio. They are the centerpiece of all gear setups. If you're looking to buy a microphone specifically for recording, we recommend going with a condenser microphone.


9)pa speakers

Some questions we hear quite frequently include, "Which headphones are the best? Which pair should I buy"? Our answer is: the best headphones for you depends on quite a few factors.


10)  PA system

Nothing beats holding the power of a solid PA system in your hands (well, perhaps not literally). For those who like to MC, DJ, perform at church, schools or auditoriums, or merely want to play sounds to a large amount of people at a decently sized volume, you've come to the right place.


11) portable headphone amp

If you’ve ventured over here from our best headphone amplifier article or merely need an amp to grab to carry around to help with enhancing your listening experience.


12) small amplifier

An upgraded car audio sound system isn't possible without buying a highly rated amplifier. We remember when we first spent a few bucks to increase our music listening experience and we haven't gone back since.


13) voice amplifier bluetooth

The first thing to consider is, clearly, audio quality, but that’s a difficult thing to measure, not least because some manufacturers drown you in wild claims and even wilder specifications. What’s more, you may have different aural needs to others: vocals, orchestral, pop, spoken word… the list is endless.


14) voice amplifier for teacher

We spent hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top selections for this wiki. You don't have to be a loudmouth to want one of these voice amplifiers. They're perfect for office meetings, lectures, on-stage performers, conducting tour groups in noisy environments, sports coaches, and for teachers at assembly.


15)voice amplifier microphone

A condenser microphone is a specific type of recording device that’s all about fidelity. They are extremely responsive and clear as to what is in front of them, whether it is vocals, strings, brass, drums and more.


16) voice amplifier wireless

 It is the lightest most comfortable voice amplification belt in the world, it is incredibly powerful despite its compact size. Recommended for any preschool or school teacher. It will simplify your life, and allow you to complete a school day without suffering from hoarseness or a sore throat.



The creation of digital iOS electronics is changing the face of music. By replacing large, heavy analog equipment with portable, highly streamlined mobile operating systems, today's musicians have a world of possibilities often quite literally in the palm of their hands. iOS Apple devices and accessories like iPads, MacBooks and more are revolutionizing the new age of technology.


18)voice amplifiers portable

"I must tell you it is just the greatest Voice amplifier I ever dreamed existed." Recharge your voice amplifier on the road with the high quality fully regulated car power supply.


19)wireless pa system

If you are looking for a basic personal PA system for fun at home or for use during smaller events our wireless pa system is a hard one to beat. It's quite compact and works with a handheld or lavalier microphone.


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What is the difference between Bluetooth and WIFI spearkers?

What is the difference between Bluetooth and WIFI spearkers?


Thanks to the smart devices popular wireless speaker has become a very popular peripheral products, so that users at home, outdoor use of mobile phone and tablet wireless online play music or hands-free calls. However, the wireless standard is not the only, mainly divided into Bluetooth, WIFI two, we need to understand the difference between them, according to their needs to choose. Below, for everyone to talk about the similarities and differences between Bluetooth and WIFI speakers.


In fact, the bottom of the wireless speaker connection standard only Bluetooth and WIFI two, and NFC often accompanied by Bluetooth, DLAN and Airplay are different WIFI transmission standard, this is the first need to make clear the concept.


What is Bluetooth Speaker?


Most users are the first choice for Bluetooth speakers, they are rich in variety, the price is lower than the WIFI speaker.


Generally speaking, Bluetooth speakers and maximum transmission range of 10 meters, the direct form, do not need to transfer the wireless router. In addition, Bluetooth speaker volume can be very small, and add water and other features, can be used outdoors.


NFC (near field communication) is actually just a simplified Bluetooth connectivity, support NFC mobile phones, tablets can be touched with the NFC Bluetooth speaker connection, no longer need to be set by the system to match.


What is WIFI speaker?


Obviously, WIFI transmission in terms of distance, speed, stability is more dominant, but the use of a little trouble. Most WIFI speakers are required to bridge the device, through the bridge to connect to the home of the wireless router, and speakers to achieve connectivity. Due to the faster transmission, WIFI speakers can support a higher quality of the audio, the other is the biggest selling point can be achieved more than the Internet, while playing a music or each other to play music.


As for the Airplay and DLAN, in fact, is a different WIFI multimedia wireless transmission standard, must be in the WIFI environment to use. Generally speaking, apple devices are using the Airplay standard, including Mac and iOS devices, if you are Apple users, buy WIFI speakers need to pay attention to whether the product is supported by Airplay.


DLAN is a relatively open wireless multimedia transmission standard, most of the Android, Windows devices support DLAN. However, the performance of DLAN is much less than Airplay, so many Android users would rather choose Bluetooth speakers.


Bluetooth speaker VS WIFI speaker

Bluetooth Speaker: focus on portability and outdoor availability, the price is low.

WIFI Speaker: interconnection, sound quality is better, the price is high.

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How To Choose Good Amplifier?

How To Choose Good Amplifier


Many products are compact and portable speakers described, such as performance, sound in the circle, we all know the words "good sound must be relatively heavy, heavy is not sound good". The better performance, material is more demanding. In many ways to protect the quality of products, the choice of raw materials may be more important. Portable speakers for wired connections, mostly Body-Pack and strap. Loudspeaker horn and pickup microphone (MIC) close, easy to produce Whistler feedback (natural phenomena). In this regard experienced manufacturers will focus on the design of the circuit, both sound big enough, and not easy to produce feedback.



A good speaker products will give full consideration to consumer use, as far as possible to ensure product quality under the premise, to meet consumer demand for the appearance of. R & D products are often contradictory, weighed, real brand manufacturers will take quality.


Experience of the user:

Good speaker products stand, ask around for use of friends, listen to their feelings and thoughts, I believe there is a very high reference value for the consumer. A heart to the development of the product manufacturers are very want to get word of mouth type of publicity, that is to deal with the work of affirmation and appreciation.


After Service

Detailed understanding of after-sales service measures and systems, the more clearly described, the more secure.

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